Polaroid Art,
SX-70 Image Manipulation

1987 - 2003


The beginnings of “Polaroid Art” go back into the year 1987, when I created the first series of flowers with “manipulated” SX-70 polaroid images. The fascination and radiant emittance of the pictures inspire us till today. Almost in each picture it seems in such a way, as if things step to day, which do not assume the eye in such a way, which could be hidden however in nature. Smells, the luminosity of the colors und the energy of nature seem to become alive by the pictures.

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After a large series of flowers and nature pictures, we have started to experienced with portraits, still life and nudes.
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Even within the area of Feng Shui the pictures can be applied in order to unfold their very own strength.

Image Manipulation Technique

The images you can find in here are not digitally manipulated. The process is called Polaroid Image Manipulation. They were produced with a Polaroid Land Camera and SX-70 Time-Zero film. The emulsion of this film remains soft under the surface for a long period of time before setting. During this time, a stylus tool can be used to move around and manipulate the emulsion resulting in images that are soft and have a painterly quality.

Best results were achieved with film material produced until 2008 when Polaroid shut down the former production plants.

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About us

Klaus D. Wolfer
Art Director

Started with a "Ritsch-Ratsch" pocket camera in the 70ies, a Nikon FE SLR in 1983 and from 1986 on I experimented with SX-70 Polaroid Landcamera. Today I use Olympus OM-D and iPhone SE2

Elke Wolfer

I love to make photos of animals, landscapes and clouds. I use iPhone 12 and Huawei P20 for my daily photos. Visit my instagram account for more...

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